AC servo system 400W motor and motor drive




JMC AC servo motor is a kind of low cost AC servo motor,when it works with driver(MCAC506,MCAC706,MCAC808),you could get the performance of the AC/DC servo at the lowest price.ASM series : this product is complete suitable with the installation dimensions about Japan panasonic and can choose 2500 line or 1250 line about encoder runs smoothly , low heat, low’s a low cost high performance servo product.Economical ac servo motor electrical parameters

Item 60ASM100 60ASM200 60ASM400
Supply voltage(V) 36 36 60
Rated power(W) 100 200 400
Rated torque(N.m) 0.318 0.637 1.27
Peak torque(N.m) 0.955 1.91 3.82
Rated speed 3000 3000 3000
 Rated armature current(A) 4 7.6 8.4
Moment coefficient(N.M/A) 0.0866 0.0918 0.16
Motor frame size(mm) 60 60 60
Motor flange diameter(mm) 50 50 50
Motor shaft diameter(mm) 8 14 14
Shaft length(mm) 27.5 27.5 27.5
Motor length(mm) 121 134 162
Encoder line 2500 2500 2500

Installation dimensions

AC servo system 400W motor and motor drive

AC servo system 400W motor and motor drive




MCAC706 all-digital AC servo drive system adopts high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) and integrated circuit, and come out to be a cost effective product with simple circuit, high integration, easy operation, and strong practicability. MCAC706 provide three feedback loops:(position loop, velocity loop and current loop). Three work control mode: position, velocity and torque. MCAC706 matches with AC servo motor under 50V and 200W.

Technical data

1.Voltage:VDC 20~70V

2. Continuous output power:200W

3.Continuous output current: 6A  32KHz PWM

4.Overload output current: 18A  (3 S)


Over current: 30A±10%

Over I2t:300%  5S

Over heating:80°C

Over voltage: 65V

Under voltage: 18V

6.Max pulse output frequency: 300K

7.Default communication speed: 9.6Kbps(need conversion interface outside)


Space:Avoid dust,oil frost and corrosive gases

Work temperature:0~+50°C

Storage temperature -20°C~+80°C

Humidity :40~90%RH

Cooling :natural cooling or forced convection

9.Dimension : 118×76×35

10.Weight: 1.6Kg

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