driving system for electric car conversion kit for VW Beetle



Product Name
15KW 96V new energy drive system
Introduction to new energy drive system
Our company has been engaged in new energy vehicle drive system for 12 years, with a strong engineering team and successful cases,
applied to a variety of oil to electric vehicles, logistics vehicles, micro cards, low speed passenger cars, elderly scooters,
agricultural machines, sightseeing cars, golf carts, etc.
The drive system includes the following:
1. Motor: Low voltage AC from 2KW~20KW, PMSM from 20KW~85KW, complete categories;
2. Rear axle: speed ratio 6:1, 8:1,10:1,12:1, 16:1,21:1,25:1, etc. Support customization, load 300KG~3000KG, to meet the load
bearing of various models;
3, gear box: speed ratio 6:1,8:1,10:1,12:1,16:1 support customization;
4, Controller: including line speed, current 100A~750A, to meet the load of various models, programmable;
5, Charger: lithium battery, lead acid charger complete variety, support CAN protocol, meet the global voltage and plug standards;
6, DC: meet the conversion between various voltages, complete varieties;
7, Accelerator: including hand accelerator, plastic accelerator, metal accelerator, thumb accelerator, etc.
8, instrument: lithium battery, lead acid instrument variety is complete, support CAN protocol, meet a variety of speed, voltage,
quantity display;
9. Emergency switch;
10. Left and right axis: length can be customized to meet various needs;
11. Brake pump;
12, EPS;
13. Gear position:
14. Air conditioning system;
16. Steering system;
17. Front suspension system;
18, battery: lithium battery, lead acid battery, complete varieties.
Welcome global customers to consult, choose the combination of drive system you want, we all day online waiting for your inquiry!

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